Simoun Magsalin

Magsalin, Mambabasa, Manunulat

I am reader of various books about social ecology, abolition, socialism, anarchism and communism. I am a dreamer for a better world. I am an anarchist in the archipelago known as the Philippines.

What I do

I like to write on how we might free ourselves. My primary concerns are anarchism and abolition. I have been published on ROAR Magazine, The Commoner, Bandilang Itim, and Cosmonaut Magazine.

I am a digital librarian and archivist. I seek to make available anarchist and socialist literature with special consideration of radical literature from Southeast Asia and the Philippines. As such, I am librarian for Southeast Asian Anarchist Library and an administrator for the Philippine Socialism archive for the Marxists Internet Archive

I host educational discussions sometimes.